WEF 15/09/11, rendering of Overweight Surcharge (OWS) exceeded 20.0metric tons (shipment weight + jar weight) are susceptible to OWS of RM150 per20'GP COC, SOC & all type of unique equipment pertinent for exportshipment ex PKG to any East Malaysia & Brunei port. In case your sales volume is superior, you must discuss with Malaysia and other courier firms; to get a win win scenario. You are able to do this through Amazon Malaysia Facebook, and also throughout your blog Shipping to Malaysia site, if you donot wish the inconvenience of having a website to do online revenue. UPDATE No 1 (2nd Jan 2013): In January 2013, the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board granted directions on taxation for e-commerce in Malaysia. This record clarify what're taxable for e commerce income derived outside Malaysia along with other tax treatment and from inside. The business guidance itself is very good guidance for anybody not just in Malaysia, starting an online business.

I chose to talk with equally Malaysian Communications and Media Commission (Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Media Malaysia, SKMM) and Corporations Fee of Malaysia (Suruhnajaya Syarikat Malaysia, SSM) for that solutions. That is further added by her; doing online-business in Malaysia is reasonably fresh, compared to other developed economies such as Australia, the British and USA etc. You have lots of fantastic data below - it makes me want so I might start a web business there I existed in Malaysia!

In case you have an existing physical business, contemplate as the development potential in Malaysia is large, growing into a significantly bigger marketplace, by beginning an online business. And wow- every one of the method and sources you have distributed in this introduction help it become A WONDERFUL reference level for anybody out to start out an online business. Today having existed within malaysia, i considered list the expenses i have borne down /discovered to aid others to acquire a feeling of living costs in Malaysia. Duty is not fairly low in malaysia with very less regular reductions to the revenue.