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There is a great possibility your situation that is IPhone-6 may suit around the iPhone 6s. If you're employing a silicon or leather case, your case probably has extended just a little with age, therefore it may match fine on a new iPhone 6s. Tough-shell cases are a diverse story—they until the fit is already extremely restricted capinhas de celular iphone on your IPhone-6 'll possibly suit. It's possible not impossible, though, that an IPhone-6 Plus hard-cover circumstance that really needs a warm fit won't actually match around the iPhone Plus that is 6s. Main point here: It's Really A situation-by- issue, but there is a good opportunity your IPhone-6 or IPhone-6 Plus case can fit.

Irrespective of sizing, the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus circumstances can be found in various light hues to reflection the brand new Apple Watch Activity Groups, as well as the original brown, light-pink, and midnightblue (currently of the Apple Watch Contemporary Buckles). Obviously, for anyone questioning: Yes, this means your iPhone 6 event can be used by you with your 6s , also.